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This is Burma Index-a purely local business directory for Myanmar.If you own a business or even if you just offer services in Myanmar you can list your business in our directory for Free. Listing your business or services in Burma Index is absolutely free. Yes it is 100% free!!
Burma Index is the best platform and most user friendly website for Myanmar business owners, clients and the general public. Whether you are looking for a well efficient electrician, photographers, builders or local stores in the west, south or north of Myanmar or you just need to find a local business in your area, Burma Index has it all listed here for you.Search local businesses in Myanmar by keywords,business category or by companyt name.Our goal is to create an easy to use platform where business owners can connect with clients and the general public.

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You can search for local businesses in Myanmar by typing in specific keywords ,eg, company name, category and any keywords.Have you used the company before? why not share your opinions and reviews of the services received.

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